Zhao Yun
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Extended
Walking Speed 4.25cps
Running Speed 5.63cps
Note: This hero has been reformed and requires being re-tested in all aspects.

Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage Reduction:Edit

Total: ?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Weapon: ?.??%BDR

Armor: +?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Helm: +?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Trinket: +?.??%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Basic MeleeEdit


Guard Duration: 1.25seconds (180degrees)

D : 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

DD : 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

DDD: 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

DDDD: 9damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Hold-D : 5damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

  • Hold-D Cancel: Performs a forward roll. Lasts 0.4 seconds and travels 3.5circles at roughly 9.0cps.

Hold-D(2) : 4damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec) [Lift]

Hold-D(3) : 4damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Hold-D(4) : 4damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Hold-D(5) : 4damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Hold-D(6) : 8damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Air-D: 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Air-D(2): 5damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Air-D(3): 5damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Air-D(4): 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Dash-D: Performs a forward roll. Lasts 0.5 seconds, travels roughly 3.5 circles distance at 7.0cps

Dash-DD: 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)


Weapon(1): 7damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

  • Performs 6 hits with the same damage on each. Knocks down after 2 consecutive strikes.

Weapon(2): 12damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

  • Caused by blocking during skill. Inflicts a bounce and hits grounded.

Body: 0damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

  • Deals no damage on pickup but the throw deals slam damage.

Helmet: 12damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

  • Inflicts no damage on first hit

Trinket: 12damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)

Trinket(2): 12damage___|?.??c+(?.??sc)+(?.??ec)


Joust: ??seconds

Mustang: ??seconds

Impale: ??seconds

Stallion: ??seconds


  • Released in NALS on 6-6-2013 as Hero #53.