Unicorn Lancer
LS UnicornLancer
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Extended
Walking Speed 4.25cps
Running Speed 5.63cps
Lore: Unicorn Lancer is the only son of "The Lance Master" of an unspecified Kingdom. Inspired by his Father's jousting competition success, Unicorn Lancer tamed a horse and quickly followed in his father footsteps. Unicorn Lancer's battles with the "Monster Force" were met with great casualities.

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: 32.00%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Weapon: 10.5%BDR

Armor: 12.0%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Helm: 6.5%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Trinket: 6.5%BDR, -?.??% Speed

Basic Melee


Guard Duration: 1.25seconds (180degrees)

D : 9damage___|2.00c+(0.50sc)+(0.20ec)

DD : 9damage___|2.00c+(0.50sc)+(0.20ec)

DDD(1): 6damage___|2.00c+(0.25sc)+(0.25ec)

DDD(2): 6damage___|2.00c+(0.25sc)+(1.50ec) [Lift]

Air-Dash(1): 8damage___|3.00c+(1.50sc)+(0.50ec) [Lift]

Air-Dash(2): 8damage___|3.00c+(-0.75sc)+(1.75ec) [Knockdown]

Air-D: 8damage___|2.00c+(1.50sc)+(1.25ec) [Half-Faint] [Half-Lift]

Dash-D: 10damage___|1.50c+(1.00sc)+(-1.50ec) [Half-Faint] [Half-Slam]

  • Dash-D can be held, resulting in a permanent guard until released, performing the Dash-D.

Hold-D: Charges the Charge Gauge by roughly 10points per 0.15seconds. This stance can be cancelled by Running, and if released will perform the following moves based on the Charge Gauge's amount:

  1. Hold-D[40~100](1): 5damage___|2.00c+(2.00sc)+(1.00ec) [Half-Faint]
  2. Hold-D[40~100](2): 5damage___|1.50c+(2.25sc)+(0.25ec)
  • Hold-D[40~99](3): 10damage___|2.50c+(0.75sc)+(1.75ec) [Half-Faint]
  • Hold-D[100](3): 10damage___|2.50c+(0.75sc)+(1.75ec) [Half-Faint] [Guard Breaker]
  1. Hold-D[0~39](1): 5damage___|2.00c+(2.00sc)+(1.00ec)[Half-Faint]
  2. Hold-D[0~39](2): 10damage___|2.50c+(0.75sc)+(1.75ec) [Half-Faint]

Hold-D[CANCEL]: +5 damage to current hit___|2.00c+(0.00sc)+(0.00ec)

NOTE: Hold-D cancel adds the first hit of a Hold-D onto the current melee hit. It can be used during both D and DD, and in theory DDD. It is possible it may [Half-Faint] as well, but since it would be followed with a regular hit, it doesn't matter.



Screw(1): 8damage___|4.00c+(1.25sc)+(1.00ec) [Faint]

Screw(2): 8damage___|2.00c+(1.25sc)+(0.50ec) [Lift]

Screw(3): 8damage___|2.00c+(1.25sc)+(0.50ec) [Lift]

Screw(4): 8damage___|3.00c+(1.25sc)+(2.00ec) [Lift]

Mustang(1): 10damage___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec) [Lift]

Mustang(2): 10damage___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec) [Lift]

Mustang(3): 10damage___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec) [Lift]

Mustang(4): 10damage___|Circular 1.50c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.20ec) [Lift]

Dark Horse(1): 6damage___|2.00c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.00ec) [Lift]

  • Note that before a hit occurs, you can hold down the Guard button to perform a Guard Input variant instead. Note that any of the Guard Inputs will end the skill immediately after it connects.
  • Guard Input(1): 8damage___|2.25c+(1.50sc)+(6.00ec) [Lift]

Dark Horse(2): 6damage___|2.00c+(Circular 1.50sc)+(1.25ec) [Lift]

  • Guard Input(2): 8damage___|1.75c+(1.75sc)+(6.00ec) [Lift]

Dark Horse(3): 8damage___|1.50c+(Circular 0.5sc)+(0.50ec) [Lift] [Slam]

  • Guard Input(3): 8damage___|1.50c+(0.25sc)+(6.00ec) [Lift]

Dark Horse(4,Slam): 5damage___|0.25c+(Circular 0.00sc)+(0.75ec) [Lift]


  • Duration: 10 seconds(self), 5 seconds(allies).
  • Effect: Nullifies all hits in a 135degree arc behind Unicorn Lancer and all allies in 6.00c range.
  • Hidden Effect: Buff increases walk speed by 5% while active(does not increase run speed).


Joust: 23seconds

Mustang: 25seconds

Impale: 22seconds

Stallion: 26seconds