Ragna the Bloodedge
Category Premium
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed {{{Running Speed}}}
Gear Damage Reduction:






Basic Melee:

D: 7

DD: 7

DDD: 8

DDDD(1): 6 [Launch]

DDDD(2) (Automatic after 4th hit): 9 (Under Evaluation)

Dash-D: 7

Dash-DD: 6 [Launch]

Dash-DS(1): 6 [Lift] [Slam]

Dash-DS(2, Slam): 5

(Carnage Scissors) Half-Hold-D(1): 7

(Carnage Scissors) Half-Hold-D(2): 8 [Lift]

(Dead Spike) Full-Hold-D: 10 [Guard Break]

Air-D: 8

Air-DD: 7 [Knockdown]

(Belial Edge) Double Jump D: 6 [Half-Faint] [Half-Lift]


Inferno Divider(Weapon)(1): [Lift]

Inferno Divider(2): [Lift]

Air Inferno Divider: 10 [Lift]

Inferno Divider-D: 8 [Lift]

Inferno Divider-DD: 12 [Lift]

Inferno Divider-DS: 5 [Lift]

Black Onslaught(Low-HP Version Weapon):

Devoured By Darkness(Armor): [Life Steal]

  • Devoured By Darkness(1): 5
  • Devoured By Darkness(2):
  • Devoured By Darkness(3~8):

Hell's Fang(Helmet): 7

Hell's Fang(2): 8 [Lift]

Gauntlet Hades(Air Helmet): 10

Gauntlet Hades(2): 10

Not Over Yet!!(Trinket): 10


Inferno Divider/Black Onslaught(Weapon):

Devoured By Darkness(Armor): 26

Hell's Fang/Gauntlet Hades(Helmet):

Not Over Yet!!(Trinket):

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