LS Puppeteer
Category Special
No-Skill Range Melee, Short-Average
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NOTICE: Due to NALS' transfer from OGPlanet to WeMadeUSA, all testing on this hero should halt and be re-evaluated after 2013-2-26. [UPDATE 8/12/2014] Only the BDR needs to be retested.

Gear Base Damage Reduction: [Needs retesting.]

Total: 16.5%BDR

Weapon: 6.50%BDR

Armor: 5.50%BDR

Helmet: 2.25%BDR

Trinket: 2.25%BDR

Basic Melee:

D: 8

DD: 8

DDD: 9 [Faint]

Dash-D: 9 [Launch]

Air-D: 9

Air-Hold-D: 10 [Half-Faint]

Puppet (Summoned by hold D):

D: 4

DD: 4

DDD: 6 [Launch]

Air-D: 7 [Knockdown]

Air-Hold-D: 6

Dash-D: 6 [Re-Lift]


Gun Doll(Weapon): Summon a gun-weilding puppet to shoot at enemies alside you and the regular puppet.

D: 4
DD: 4
DDD: 6 [Knockdown]
Air-Hold-D: 4

Dash-D: 4 [Re-Lift]

Waltz(Armor): 0

Grab hands with another player and dance around for 3~4 seconds before letting them go. They travel a distance before they can walk again.

Doll Charge(Helmet): 28

Summon a doll to attack your enemy.

  1. Hit 1:
  2. Hit 2:
  3. Hit 3: [Faint]
  4. Hit 4: [Lift]
  5. Hit 5: [Knockdown]

Doll Stomp(Trinket): 20 [Launch]

Summon a giant doll to land on-top of your enemies and launch them.


Gun Doll(Weapon):


Doll Charge(Helmet):

Doll Stomp(Trinket):