Ls Monk
Category Rare
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed {{{Running Speed}}}
 Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ???

Weapon: ???

Armor:  ???

Helmet: ???

Trinket: ???

Basic MeleeEdit


Palm Strike (Trinket): Stun your opponent with an open palmed strike. This causes a short stun and is a little ranged.

Soaring Crane (Helm): A soaring kick which will knock enemies back. You take multiple opponents with it and carry them a distance with a kick.. Press attack again to cancel early.

Leaping Tiger (Armor): Detonates chi to damage targets around the user (translation?) The robes allow for you to slam down and hit opponents in a small radius around you. They can be used in mid air and while being hit.

Golden Buddhist (Weapon): You move forward and attack your enemy. You move forward and strike seven times. You can also cancel early - no later than the sixth hit - and press S in order to strike the ground and make them upwards.