You have successfully reached Hero Level 20.

It is time to test your skills.

Please, go and battle for 20minutes.

Your Hero has reached level 20.
Now is the time to measure your Combat Power to see how much
it has improved. I will do the measurements while you fight in
battle, for about 20minutes.
Let's see the battle and determine the combat power.

GOAL: Play for 20 minutes with Unicorn Lancer

  • Only the play time in battle will be counted. (Observer not allowed)
  • Play time in Faction/Ladder will not be counted.
  • In addition, only play time with the corresponding hero will be accepted.

Completion Awards:

  1. Rank EXP+50
  2. GP+500
  3. Heroic Talents Medal acquired.

Relevant Datapedia Pages:

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