LS Iljime
Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed {{{Running Speed}}}
Note: This hero has been reformed and requires being re-tested in all aspects.

Lore: ???

Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit






Basic DamageEdit

D : 7 Damages

DD : 7 Damages

DDD : 7 Damages

DDDD : 8 Damages

Dash-D : 6 Damages [Lift] [Half-Lift]

Dash-DD : 9 Damages  [Launch]

Air-D : 6 Damages

Air-DD : 6 Damages

Air-DDD : 6 Damages

Air Dash : 8 Damages ['Knockdown]


Ume Slash (Weapon) [hits grounded] :

Ume Slash (2) [lifts , hits grounded] 

Ume Slash (Air) [bounces] 

Ume Slash (Ground) [recovery, faints] 

Ume Dance (Armor) (Hits 1-4) [stuns each hit] (usable mid-air) :

Ume Dance (Hits 5-8) [sends target airborn] :

Paralyze (Helmet) [half-faints] (usable mid-air) :

Paralyze (2) [stuns , then causes faint] (usable mid-air) 

Smoke Bomb (Trinket)  (Universal Recovery , gets out of any combo or status teleporting nearby in a random location. Sometimes causes a half-faint effect but unclear if it deals damage.) 


Ume Slash (Weapon) : 28 Secondes

Ume Dance (Armor) : 34 Secondes

Paralyze (Helmet) : 28 Secondes

Smoke Bomb (Trinket) : 30 Secondes

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