Category Melee
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed ?.??cps
Running Speed ?.??cps

Lore: ???

Gear Based Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Weapon: ?.??% BDR

Armor: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Helmet: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Trinket: +?.??% BDR, -?.??% Speed

Basic DamageEdit


Guard Duration: ??? (180degrees) [Deflect]

D : 6damage___|???+???+???

DD : 6damage___|???+???+???

DDD: 7damage___|???+???+??? [Lift]

DDDD: 8damage___|???+???+??? [Slam]

Hold-D: 4damage___|???+???+??? [Burn][Lift]

Dash-D: 7damage___|???+???+??? [Lift][Personal Lift]

Dash Hold-D: 9damage___|???+???+??? [Lift]

Air-D: 6damage___|???+???+??? [Half-Slam]

Air-Hold-D: 7damage___|???+???+??? [Faint][Ground Hit]


Rampage (1-5): 4 damage (Per Hit) [Flinch]

  • Attack Input: 8 damage [Lift]

Immolation: ____ [When Hit] [Burn] [Lift]

Earth Spirits (1-3): 10 damage (Per Spirit) [Lift] [Burn] [Ground Hit]

Fire Spirit (1) 15 damage [Lift] [Burn] [Untargetable] [Ground Hit]

  • Fire Spirit makes target Untargetable with the ability to fly freely, before exploding in a firey blast. Lasts for ____ seconds



  • Released as Hero #87 in Korea, Hero #66 in North America(Z8Games Server).
  • Is capable of jump canceling out of basic D combo and hold D.
  • (Male) Dokkaebi Concept Art shows mask being worn up in a similar fashion to the females yet in game it is worn completely over the face.
  • No Face or Hair decorations currently match the styles shown in the Concept art with the exception of Hair Color and Female Eyes, of which there are several red eyed varieties.
  • Due to the unofficial NA translation of this hero when released in KLS, it is commonly known as 'Fire Imp' instead of it's in game name 'Dokkaebi'.

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