Demon Thief
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Category Special
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
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Gear Base Damage ReductionEdit

Total: ???BDR

Weapon: ???BDR

Armor: ???BDR

Helmet: ???BDR

Trinket: ???BDR

Basic MeleeEdit

D: 8

DD: 8

DDD: 10 [Lanuch]

Dash-D: 8 [Fient]

Hold-D: 8

Hold-DD: 8 [Slam]

Air Hold-D: 8 [Slams Air, Fients Standing]

Air Hold-DD: [Slams Standing and Air]


Soul Stealer(Weapon): 15 damage

Evil Spirits steal's target(s) soul to make the target(s) fall[Fient].

Hand of Evil Spirt(Armor): 15 damage

Evil Spirt bounds a target with the arms. Make a small circle appear around you, making arms come out of the ground and slams target(s) on the ground. Hits grounded.


Cover a small AoE around you with darkness, blinding all standing/air caught in it for 2~3 seconds. Easy to see through with a bright monitor.

It's fun to steal a skill(Trinket):

Hunch down and release an evil spirt that takes a skill from your opponent and randomly recharges one of your own.[i.e. The enemy losing his trinket skill does NOT mean you will recharge your trinket.]


Soul StealerWeapon):

Hand of Evil Spirt(Armor):


It's fun to steal a skill(Trinket):