Dark Shaman
Category Magic
No-Skill Range Melee, Average
Walking Speed {{{Walking Speed}}}
Running Speed Unable to Run
Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: 13.25%BDR

Weapon: 6.00%BDR

Armor: 4.75%BDR

Helmet: 2.00%BDR

Trinket: 2.00%BDR

Basic Melee:

D: 10

DD: 10

DDD: 14

Air-D: 10

Air-Double Jump-D: 10

Note: These air attacks were preformed on someone standing.

Dash Attack: 10


Seduction(Weapon): 8 damage

Make a little area of dark cloud ,then Seduce the enemy towards you ,last for 3 - 3.5 sec.

The Hand(Armor): 18 damage

Give the enemy a push from a big skull hand. it's very easy to dodge.

Dark Pact(Helmet): Drains 32HP.

Sacrifice an amount of HP to full your gear skill. (the delay/cooldown depends on your hero speed)

Chaos Doll(Trinket):

Reverse the enemy movement for a moment,

Upgrade(reform) : it has little stun effect after the skill that cause your enemy stun last for 2 -3 sec.



The Hand(Armor):

Dark Pact(Helmet):

Chaos Doll(Trinket):