Crazy Sapper
Category Special
No-Skill Range Melee, Short
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Lore: You've always been keen on dirt and sand since you were young. Even in the playground, you always go play in the sandbox digging it up and Your friends made fun of you for playing in the sand all the time but you just kept playing around without much reason other then because it was fun.

Gear Base Damage Reduction:

Total: 31.00%BDR

Weapon: +7.0%BDR

Armor: +25.00%BDR

Helmet: +2.5%BDR

Trinket: +2.5%BDR

Basic Melee:

D: 7

DD: 7

DDD: 11 [Launch]

Hold-D(Plant Mine): 15 [Launch]

Dash-D: 11 [Faint]

Air-D: 11 [Half-Faint]


Mega Mine(Weapon): 20 damage version of Sapper Mine(Hold-D). [Launch] (guardbreaking)


  • Mineproof: Will not trigger or take damage from Sapper Mines(Hold-D).
  • Hidden Effect: Dexterity+33

Bunker(Helmet): [Recovery]

  • Effect: Immunity to all damage and auto-deflect all hits.
  • Duration: 10 Seconds

Air Strike(Trinket): 40 damage. [Launch]

  • Hidden Effect: Target will immediately drop a gear.


Mega Mine(Weapon): 12 seconds

Mineproof(Armor): Passive, no cooldown. Points spent on Mineproof add DEF. +1 Mineproof = +0.5DEF

Bunker(Helmet): 14 seconds

Air Strike(Trinket): 50 seconds