The various maps used in each mode of Lost Saga are contained here in alphabetical assortment. If you wish to view specifc mode's map, click their section from the wiki navigation.

Reading Maps: Maps include color-coded areas on them, the following is what those areas mean:

  • Green: This is a spawn location for players at the start of a round or a new life. This is disignated with "R" or "B" in the highlighted area for teams Red or Blue.
  • Purple: This is a "High Wall" area. High Walls cannot be climbed and will prevent movement through them or on them. Note that a High Wall is defined by NORMAL means, there are some high walls that can be climbed through the use of various skills or glitches.
  • Blue: This is an "High Ground" area. This area is on significantly higher ground than the rest of the map. In order to qualify for High Ground, an area must be atleast 1 circle higher than the majority of the map. Note that High Ground can only be scaled by jumping or being rendered airborne.
  • Red: This is a "Low ground" area. The inverse of a High ground, this area must be atleast 1 circle lower than the majority of the map.
  • Red Dot: Spawn location of Power Stones, the Hidden Crown, or the Soccer Ball.
  • Gray Shapes: Area of the map that is playable, but not notated in the mini-map. That does not include using plaza blocks/barricades or various glitches.

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